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Javier was born in Argentina and when he was 4 his parents made Aliya to lsrael. Following Javier’s need for open spaces, the family moved to a kibbutz in the north of Israel and by that completing the transition from Argentina in full. 
He has years of experience guiding field trips along Israel’s paths and for the past 7 years he has been working as a licensed tour guide, specializing in the history and the nature of the land. He prouds himself on always finding the best stories and enjoys telling them in the most interesting, funny and thought-provoking way.

Javier is a true “kibbutznik” who grew up as close as can be to nature, water and wildlife. He studied at a democratic school specializing in theater and history. In the army he worked in the field of Emergency Medicine as a Medical Guide, teaching medicine crews, doctors and paramedics to work together under fire. After the army he worked in London for a while and then flew to South America for a year to explore his Latin roots.
Javier is a proud father of two energetic boys. 

As a professional Tour Guide, I excel at helping you plan your perfect vacation. Not just any vacation, but truly exceptional trips filled with inspiring and enriching experiences. I believe in seeing the world in the most unique way possible, and I want to share my knowledge and passion for travel and tourism with all of those whom I guide. Explore my site to find out more.

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